Tooth Extractions

Tooth ExtractionsYou can expect some degree of pain after a tooth extraction. The amount of pain is determined by the following 3 points:

  • How badly the tooth or root canal is damaged or infected.
  • Whether you are allergic to certain pain relief medications.
  • Sensitivity of overall dental health mainly tissues.

There are few ways to help minimize the pain after a tooth extraction:

  • Using antiseptic and certain oral medicines.
  • Gentle dental treatment during the extraction procedures.
  • Soft foods and more liquid consumption.

After a tooth extraction procedure, pain is usually gone within 1 or 2 days. It really depends on the patient’s health. Pain after 3 days could indicate other dental health problems and will need to be consulted with Dr. Marze.

What to do if you think your tooth pain isn’t normal

If the pain continues, increases, changes or you just fear that something is not right, we encourage you to call Marze Dental, come in and let us have a look. It is best for everyone as we would much rather check than have you worried and in pain at home. If you are in this position, call us right away.

Talk to a tooth extraction specialist Dr. Marze today to have the best treatment plan with the least amount of pain from the procedure.